The Ministries of the Church have been developed to provide each member with an opportunity to put into practice one’s Christian testimony and faith and to offer outreach services to individuals and families living in the community. Each member of the church is encouraged to become involved with at least one Ministry and to be nurtured in one group so that he or she will experience healthy Christian growth and development.

Our ministries exist to intentionally prepare individuals to be healthy and resilient in their spiritual and practical lives. We are developing a vibrant community that experiences the Presence and Power of God through Praise, Worship and Prayer. Trying to decide where your passion and gifts are in ministry? Take the Spiritual Gifts Assessment by using the link: For more information please call or email us at: 954.792.0367 or

Community Development Corporation

If your business, church, or personal desires need to come to fruition, then let us make the impetus of your wants, needs, and desires come to a true reality. We don’t just send you an e-book full of so-called “strategies”, we hold your hands throughout the process. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner or just a dreamer, let us help to catapult your visions
into reality.

Community Team (Membership)

Mission: To facilitate ministries that will be in touch with the needs of the individuals and families of Praise Tabernacle International, and the surrounding communities. Our Pastor has designed and appointed this team to offer holistic ministry through emphases on visitations, prayer, community empowerment & awareness, public relations, health and wellness, effective communication and social services.

Evangelism Team

Mission: To carry out the mandate of The Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20) through effective and relevant ways. Our Pastor has designed and appointed this team to offer training, preparation and implementation of outreach opportunities and projects. Relational Evangelism, Street Evangelism, Personal Evangelism, and Mass Evangelims are some ways that are taught and practiced by this team.

Worship and Arts (Magnification)

Mission: To facilitate a ministry of music, dance, theatrical arts and more for praise and worship unto God, and to encourage, edify and empower those who participate. This team is designed and appointed by our Pastor to minister through song, dance, instruments, drama etc at every service and most gatherings of PTI. This team also oversees the media production, social media, website, and marketing endeavors of PTI.


Mission: To establish and manage target ministries that create opportunities for mentorship, discipleship, accountabilty and holistic, relevant, and effective ministries for the entire family. This team is designed and appointed by our Pastor to minister through target ministries such as Children,Youth, Young Adults, Men, Women, Singles, Married, Divorced, Widowed, and much more. This ministry also carries the responsiblity of supervising the Small Group Ministry (small groups that meet for prayer, bible study and fellowship).


Mission: To facilitate excellent property, protocol and personal management of PTI. This team is designed and appointed by our Pastor to involve the people of PTI in the maintenance of PTI. From property management, security and facility usage to greeters, ushers, culinary arts, and hospitality.

Elders, Ministers, & Deacons

The Elders, Ministers & Deacon’s ministry here at Praise Tabernacle International, are dedicated in ministering to the congregation as the Pastor’s representatives in matters that will further the growth of the individual member and the corporate body. It is our responsibility to attend to the needs of the members of the church, as related to the spiritual and the temporal needs that may arise. As clergy, we are passionate to aid in transforming lives for Christ-Centered living.

Ministry Assessment

Personal Value Assessment