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Evangelism Trainee

About the Role

The Evangelism Trainee is responsible to assist the Teacher/Trainer (Pastor of Conversion) by participating incrementally during the actual Everyday Evangelism (Ev2) Sessions.

• Help develop others to become a personal witness of their Faith in Jesus.
• Apply the knowledge learned through the Ev2 sessions in order to help train others.
• Assist and participate with the Pastor of Conversion during Evangelistic Outings and other community ministries.
• As a Trainee you will be considered a member of the PTI Evangelism Team.
• Perform other duties as assigned by the Pastor of Conversion.


  • Must posses a heartfelt desire to see souls receive the Gift of Eternal Life.

  • Must have completed and received Certification through Evangelism Explosion for Everyday Evangelism (Ev2).

  • Must posses and maintain a Faithful, Available and Teachable (F.A.T) posture.

  • Able to demonstrate an ability to work with those who are / may be vulnerable.

About Praise Tabernacle International

Praise Tabernacle International is committed to the following:

• Treating individuals with respect.
• Recognizing and respecting people’s abilities and potential for development OR Recognizing and respecting your abilities and potential for development.
• Promoting people’s rights to make their own decisions and choices, unless unsafe OR Promoting your rights to make your own decisions and choices, unless unsafe.
• Ensuring the welfare and safety of all.
• The promotion of social justice, social responsibility and respect for others.
• Confidentiality, never passing on personal information, except to the person to whom you are responsible, unless there are safeguarding issues of concern.

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