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Finance Department Counter

About the Role

Counting and handling funds for the church is "ministry" as well. As a volunteer working regularly with cash, checks and credit card information, this position will be eligible for annual credit checks.


  • Assist with counting tithes and offerings after church service 1-2 times per month

  • Assist (occasionally) in entering financial data into computer system

  • Assist in handling card swipe payments (when necessary)

  • Assist in confirming delivery of offerings to back office (when necessary)

About Praise Tabernacle International

Praise Tabernacle International is committed to the following:

• Treating individuals with respect.
• Recognizing and respecting people’s abilities and potential for development OR Recognizing and respecting your abilities and potential for development.
• Promoting people’s rights to make their own decisions and choices, unless unsafe OR Promoting your rights to make your own decisions and choices, unless unsafe.
• Ensuring the welfare and safety of all.
• The promotion of social justice, social responsibility and respect for others.
• Confidentiality, never passing on personal information, except to the person to whom you are responsible, unless there are safeguarding issues of concern.

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