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About the Role

Praise Tabernacle is looking for a creative and passionate individual to join our staff team as a videographer. This person will help communicate the vision and values of PTI through creating compelling videos. Our vision is to introduce real people to a real God and we believe this position has a big part in making that happen.

• Film, edit, and upload video announcements for Sundays
• Develop and communicate vision for all work to solve problems concisely and creatively.
• Create video content for church wide requests
• Handle the post-production process to ensure all work solves problems appropriately.
• Understand the context in which finished work will be used to create more effective final products.
• Attend weekly team meetings
• Attend and contribute where needed on Sunday mornings
• Any other task assigned by the Marketing Coordinator


  • Must be passionate about Jesus

  • Minimum of 2+ year’s experience in film/video making (directing, editing, etc.)

  • Film portfolio available online

  • Film degree or experience

  • Extensive understanding of filmmaking process

  • Video editing and animation proficiency (Adobe Creative Cloud)

  • You’re a creative at heart

  • You are self-motivated. You don’t wait for permission to fix a problem. You are gritty. We are a hard-working staff willing to go to any length for a mission we believe in.

  • You’re not fun to take to the movies.
    You know film - what makes a good one and a bad one. You analyze the script, the technique, and the details most don’t notice, and your friends will actually watch the movies you recommend

About Praise Tabernacle International

Praise Tabernacle International is committed to the following:

• Treating individuals with respect.
• Recognizing and respecting people’s abilities and potential for development OR Recognizing and respecting your abilities and potential for development.
• Promoting people’s rights to make their own decisions and choices, unless unsafe OR Promoting your rights to make your own decisions and choices, unless unsafe.
• Ensuring the welfare and safety of all.
• The promotion of social justice, social responsibility and respect for others.
• Confidentiality, never passing on personal information, except to the person to whom you are responsible, unless there are safeguarding issues of concern.

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